Learn How To Play Violin For Beginners Using Suzuki Book I With The Red Desert Violin Online Lessons

Learn How To Play Violin For Beginners Using Suzuki Book I With The Red Desert Violin Online Lessons

Learn How To Play Violin For Beginners Through Suzuki Book I With The Red Desert Violin Online Lessons
Everyone can learn to play the violin, regardless of where they live, even in rural areas or when good teachers are hard to find.

Music is for EVERYONE, regardless of family background or social status, and that’s why she’s created the online lessons to make music ATTAINABLE for every person, including you!
Finally! Online lessons for beginners that take you systematically from novice through Suzuki Book I!

Have you struggled to find a teacher in your area?
Have you had to cut lessons from your budget?
Are you frustrated with your violin practice time, seeming to make no progress?
Do you move frequently and have to start over with new teachers?
Do you feel self-conscious about your form, tone, or intonation?
That’s why she’s developed the fabulous fundamentals online violin lessons!

The Lessons:
Play on your iPad or other tablet
Work for anyone with an internet connection
Work on YOUR schedule
Are more affordable than most in-person instruction

If you’re looking for online violin lessons for beginners, you are in the right place.
This video-based lessons take beginners step by step through Suzuki Book 1 using the method that have perfected over 10 years of teaching private students.
This online lessons are affordable, flexible, very high quality, and come with tons of free resources to help you make real progress at your own pace.
Bottom line: if you have an Internet connection, a violin, and a strong desire, you can get a great foundation through this online lessons.

Why Online Lessons?
Simply put, because online lessons can serve many people who are not served by traditional, in-person lessons:
People living too far away from good teachers
People who move often and want some consistency
People who can’t afford in-person lessons

This Video-based Lessons:
Tablet compatible
Watch the videos anywhere you want. Set your iPad, Android, or Windows tablet on your music stand and play along with Lora.
You get high-quality instruction from an experienced teacher for a fraction of the cost of in-person lessons.
Save you travel time
Remember, an in-person lesson isn’t just 30 minutes. It’s 30 minutes plus travel time, and that’s time that could be used for practicing or other things in your busy life.
Let you set the schedule
With Red Desert Violin, you can take a lesson when and where you want, fitting your violin around the other priorities in your life. You can even repeat lessons when you need a review.
Make real progress, Fast!
You don’t have to spin your wheels like I did for years, struggling on your own with ineffective practice time. My online lessons include a Practice Coach to help you practice smart so that every practice minute counts.
Resources and interaction!
Unlike some video courses, I won’t just turn you loose and wish you good luck. I will personally answer all of your questions, and you’ll find tons of helpful resources in the members area.
So, if affordability, accessibility, or your busy schedule are all that is standing between you and learning to play the violin,
wait no longer! Here it is!

How Does it Work?
Immediately after signing up, you will go to a page where you can create your username and password. Then you’ll be able to log in and see your lessons. One to two weeks later, more lessons will be visible to you, and so on until you finish the course in about seven months.

Some people will say, “But I can go faster than that!” That might be true, but I have found that it’s crucial for students to take the appropriate time for skills to solidify. That is why new lessons come every one to two weeks. This approach offers flexibility, but a pace that is like the pace we would follow if you were my private student.
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