Learn How to Walk in Heels – 10 Tips

Learn How to Walk in Heels - 10 Tips


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Hey Guys,

I saw many “how to walk in heels” videos that I would have loved to put my input on…so I just decided to make one of my own 🙂 These are things that I did to learn how to walk in heels & things I currently do to relieve any discomfort while out in heels. Hope you guys love this video. If so, please give it a thumbs up & don’t forget to share and subscribe!

Oh, the shoes in this video (with the exception of the wedge heels) were all from Just Fab. They were not gifted. I purchased these heels years ago and wear them faithfully which is why they are all scratched and scuffed 🙂 Hopefully this helps you guys walk better in heels. Have a blessed one!

See you next Monday!



  1. Can I just say it shows what type of shoes to wear and practice with. Not HOW to walk in heels. Could you give us a trick on HOW please. Great started vid though.

  2. Thank you so much for this video, I bought some chunky heels with a 4 inch heel I know darn well I had no business buying, anywho I don't want to walk like the nutcracker so again thanks for the tips.

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