Learn to Dance Salsa : Beginner Turns and Moves

Learn to Dance Salsa : Beginner Turns and Moves


This is the salsa basic step dance and salsa dance moves.
You’ve seen ballroom dancing on TV shows like Dancing With The Stars with Cheryl Burke and Emmitt Smith, Ballroom Boot Camp, America’s Ballroom Challenge, and So You Think You Can Dance?.

We present how to do a right turn in partnering, as well as the crossbody lead and the open break. These moves are fundamental to making a lot of combinations work once you reach advanced levels of salsa.


  1. This is great practice for beginners. I think if you can learn this you can have a great night ou, thanks for the videos!

  2. LOL, I learnt everything based on first 56 seconds, rewinding back and forth – that wasn't easy at all !
    I didn't expect the lesson would start at 1:00 :)

  3. THANK YOU for your great websites!! I started teaching a little 'swing dance' class for some middle school kids this trimester…..we did swing for the first 4 weeks and now we're doing salsa.  I don't know as much about salsa so your videos are saving my hiney!  The kids are LOVING learning the dances and I'm even having kids stop me in the hallway and ask if I'm going to teach it again next Tri because they heard the class was really fun!   I'm really hoping this will show them how awesome dancing can be when you know what you're doing.  I will definietly be contributing to your program!!

  4. Accent 1 and 4 have to be use to activated the hip to carry over the changing feed as a result of a nice swinging beautiful-EXPRESSION. (hip in combination with the legs). Most of us dance for to dance, but we don't dance nice, because of the count of 6 and also depended on the biology of that particular body.Don't forget the word " Accent", it means a lot in salsa dance!

  5. This video was really helpful and easy to follow 🙂 Went to a festival and danced confidently thanks to this! Thank you for sharing with all of us!

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