Learn to dance salsa dancing : Beginner Dance Steps

Learn to dance salsa dancing : Beginner Dance Steps

Here we are again ( http://addicted2salsa.com/ ) with something short and simple just for you to mix it in to your other salsa dancing moves. Remember, it is not about having multiple long combos, but about putting smaller salsa moves together in different orders that will make you a versatile dancer. That will keep your salsa moves fresh and keep the ladies guessing what you will do next.


  1. Number 4 is the pause you have between 3 and 5.when you start you go forward with 1,2,3.then you take a small pause 4 and then you go backwards 5,6,7.the number 8 is silent too and is the second pause after number 7.
    so it is forward 1,2,3,pause(4) backwards 5,6,7,pause(8)
    did i help?

  2. I need a husband like him. Mine doesn't want to learn. I now basics and a little more and love to dance but my husband won't do anything to learn! :'(

  3. if this is beginners i dread to think what the next level is like, it looks so hard and upon trying i keep getting it wrong

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