Learn to Dance Salsa – Salsa for Beginners – Basic Steps Exploration

Learn to Dance Salsa - Salsa for Beginners - Basic Steps Exploration

Join Ariel & Anna as they discuss and perform the basic steps of salsa! If you’ve never danced salsa before this video blog should inspire you to lace up those dance shoes and hit the dance floor. Que viva la salsa!

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Music provided by Orquesta Borinquen – one of the the Bay Area’s most prominent salsa bands. Check out their site at www.borinquensalsa.com


  1. Im new to salsa… Seen many videos some by pro instructors and i have to say this one is my favorite… The instruction flowed more naturally, easy to understand it was very fun and didnt carry the rigid/formal tone of other videos… I had me looking for the other videos… Where r they? I would pay – tim

  2. Thank you I thought you both are great techers for beginners.   If someone is taking lessons the salsa movement comes from the heart.   There is no start on one count or start on two count, you can start when you feel it at any beat.

  3. FYI: Name of the song is Descarga Borinquen by Orquestra Borinquen.

    BTW Great vid Ariel and Anna. Like another commenter, I learned more by watching how you two incorporated the basic step in an actual song.

  4. The girl was wrong in saying to think of yourself in a box…not a box…a LINE or a beam that you cant leave when you're doing a salsa basic …get your facts right before u make a video 

  5. cual sera el secreto por el que este tipo de videos alcanza tantos números de vistas? Siempre me lo pregunto. 

  6. WHO KNOWS? I noticed you lock your knees and you have a very pronounced Cuban motion. I take classes at Dance Manhattan (NYC) and thy tell us not to lock the knees, and that the Cuban motion comes out of  rolling from toe to heel.(to step on the ball and then roll to the heel). Our teachers have almost no Cuban motion. We dance Salsa on 2  
    Who is right and who is wrong?

  7. Hey, I am a total beginner, but your lesson instructions were great. Nice that you did the male and female steps separately. Great instructions.

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  9. I dont know how to dance salsa. It always came harder for me for some reason. Bachata and merengue are so much easyier

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