Learn to do a Proper Sit-Up – Invisible Man Presents

Learn to do a Proper Sit-Up - Invisible Man Presents

Want to know how to do situps without hurting youself and get some exercise with no equipment necessary? Learn how in this video from the Invisible Man.

Want to learn how to tie a tie? Impress a lady? How about the latest dance moves? Join the trusty Invisible Man as he teaches you how to do absolutely everything: from sewing and sign language to meditation and more.

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  1. A lot of people yank on their neck while doing sit-ups. The detailed demonstration in the video is very helpful.

    If anybody has trouble with abs exercises because of back or neck pain – visit us at the AbStand for a machine that works while you stand.

  2. my tail bone hurts too much if i even do 10 of these. the bone connected to my tail bone takes most of the weight. it seems like im doing it right, but what the hell?

    the only way i can do them is if i cushion my ass with a pillow. this is problematic because im signing up for the reserves and i dont think my ass will get pillows when i do situps

    what is going on? how do i even solve this?

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