Learn to sing from scratch!

Learn to sing from scratch!

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  1. Eric, i've been doing your vocal warmup4 today awesome! looking forward to working more with you, keep up the good work

  2. Hey Eric,im trying to learn to sing but I sound horrible, if I join online will I be able to see improvements over the couple of weeks?

  3. Can someone share me the video where eric shown his before and after voice. its a really great video but i cant seem to find it.

  4. Hi, is there perhaps a video that explains how to blend well the chest and the head voice?…I feel like that wanted smooth transition is my biggest problem and I don't seem to find any videos on that..

  5. Hi, Im auditioning for Apollo Live on the 27. I need vocal coaching badly. Where are you located if you are giving private lessons. If not how can you help me if you are willing. 

  6. Eric one question, does the "Sound Amazing Singing From The Diaphragm" course comes with the "Elite Singing Techniques – Phase I" ??

  7. hey Eric! i was wondering which course is better? is it Elite Singing Techniques, or Singing From The Diaphragm. 

  8. Hello Eric, I hope you will respond. Are you still doing the classes in person in MD? I live in Waldorf, and want to work on my fear of singing in front of alot of people…lol. Your help is appreciated.

  9. damn it im late:( any other promotions happening in the near future?? cause I dont have 100 bucks floating around to go the the courses:/

  10. I love your training methods, I have gotten so much better with my singing. I am still kind of under the mental impression that I cant rely on my voice to stumble and crack, but I know it takes time. Anyways you are amazing.

  11. Man if only I logged on a few days earlier!!! Oh well, my voice is my most precious value in my life so I will definitely be buying this soon, 100$ isn't that bad. If you want the best you gotta pay for the best, spare no expenses when it comes to my most important instrument

  12. I've been a subscriber of yours for such a long time, and I am so inspired by you.
    Just wanna say that I'm so happy that you're still doing what you're doing. You look so happy.
    Lots of love

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