Lexus Premium Navigation – How to Plan a Trip

Lexus Premium Navigation - How to Plan a Trip

Lexus Customer Portal ( gives you the opportunity to plan the Trip of your preference. In How to Plan a Trip video we would like to explain how you can create a trip on the Lexus Customer Portal and download the information directly to your Lexus Premium Navigation.

In order to use any Lexus Premium Navigation service, you must first register on the customer portal and then enter the account details on your Lexus Premium Navigation.

Lexus Premium Navigation platform is linked to the Lexus Customer Portal ( On the Lexus Customer Portal you can also find the additional services you can benefit from when activating the connected services.

With the connected services you are able to connect your Lexus Premium Navigation to the internet to retrieve relevant online information. The connection to the internet is established by pairing your phone (which needs to have a data plan) to your navigation unit using either bluetooth or wifi.

One thing to keep in mind is that for the Connected Services to work, you first need to register an account on the customer portal ( Registration should take less than a minute and with your phone connected, you are ready to go.

By now you are probably wondering which connected services you will be able to enjoy??
Well, it’s all of the below…
– Google Places
– TomTom Places
– Yandex Search (if you are a Russian citizen)
– Google StreetView
– Panoramio
– Connected Traffic

I hope I got you interested by now, if you are, visit your local Lexus dealership and ask for a test drive!!!

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