Macro Focus Stacking/Image Stacking Tutorial-How To Do Close-up Digital Photography

Macro Focus Stacking/Image Stacking Tutorial-How To Do Close-up Digital Photography

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  1. You mention you often have to manually touch up the layer masks where photoshop got it wrong. Can you do or is there already a tutorial on how to do this properly? I have tried and with little success so far.

  2. Hi Tony, great video. I followed your advice and came up with some great shots. Question I changed my setting on camera from Aperture priority to manual, removed auto iOS and the pictures are now washed out in over exposure after stacking ? Any thoughts? Thanks George

  3. Excelent video, one query I own Nikkor micro 105mm 2.8 for macro, what do you think about mounting on an FX body Nikon D750, regarding the subject size and the crop for images that need extreme close distances, I mean if I want crop only the head of a fly, for example… will I get an enough pixel density image doing an extreme crop regarding the tiny 24mp of the d750? cheers!.

  4. I don’t have photoshop (or any such programs), is it possible to accomplish with a program like picasa? Thanks.

  5. Great tutorial…….that shutter CLUNK tho lol….and that moire!!! OUCH my eyes. But it was 2012 so you will get a pass.

  6. Hi Tony… A little bit of help here..
    I am having a sony A58 and want to try Macro photography, But as i am a little low on budget as of now so not planning to buy a macro lens.
    So if you can please help me to choose in extension tubes and close-up filters.

    I have these two options for A58:-

    Extension Tubes:-

    Close-up Filters:-

    Please help me out here and also if there are any cons of both of them against each other.
    No doubt i am not comparing actual macro lens here because as of now i dont have any plan to buy any.

    Moreover if you can help me out with any other better product(Because i have read that close-up filters can create issues with lense if not used of proper quality) in both of these categories then it will be very helpfull.

    Thanks in Advance!

  7. It would be cool if they could make a process similar to bracketing like this in the camera, you set the start and end point and it takes shots at a preset distance interval between the two.

  8. Hi Tony, I tried stacking, afterwards I am not able to paint on the layer masks to correct the mistakes made by PS. Can you please tell me what I am doing wrong

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