Men’s Overcoat Length – How Long Should Your Over-Coat Be? Male Style Fashion Advice

Men's Overcoat Length - How Long Should Your Over-Coat Be? Male Style Fashion Advice Click this link for a FREE 47 page eBook on men’s style and fashion. This article links to an illustrated overview of mens overcoats. This video covers men’s overcoat length. Bascially how long should your over-coat be.

Men’s Overcoat Length – How Long Should Your Over-Coat Be? Male Style Fashion Advice

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  1. I got an overcoat from Zara which goes right above my ankle and sleeve stops at my knuckles. Is that too long? Shoulder and waist fits very well.

  2. Longer (over-, trench-, great-) coats all the way. I hate this shortening tendency and have troubles to find something that would meet my personal tastes. And my size. (((

  3. I'm 5'8.5 and am about to buy a coat which is 49" long but am worried it might end up reaching too low and getting in the way. Would this be an issue for me?

  4. I am 5"9" and I have been told that my current overcoat makes me look smaller(bottom of my overcoat comes 1 inch below my index fingertip).I am going to buy a new one and how long should my overcoat be in order to make me look taller?And will a peacoat be better for me?

    Thanks in advance,

  5. Where can you buy these coats that go below the knee, you know that reaches halfway to the shins. They're so hard to find, all I found were coats that are above the knee which I don't like that style.

  6. URGENT QUESTION! Ive always been told for mens trench coats that the "storm flap" is supposed to be on the right side of the coat. I have seen several mens trench coats including this one that i can get a great deal on from Zara which has it on the left side, but its a mens trench coat. I keep hearing people say that it HAS to be on the right side. Any help?? I really want this coat im looking at its very nice and im getting a great deal on it too.

  7. You're the man!!!! Of all the YouTube channels about style, you're the best!!! And believe me, I've seen millions!!!

  8. Today, I saw an overcoat for $59.99 plus tax at jcpenney. The coat fit perfect but the sleeves were too long by about 1/2 an inch. Should I have passed the offer on a black wool overcoat for the price and waited to grow into it, or should I just wait u til I am older such as 15 or 16? (I'm 13)

  9. Tony,
    Hey it's Terry from 3/1.  I started watching your videos recently as I'm wearing a suit vice uniform.  Hope all is well.

    Just curious in this video your lapels look different.  I've not seen that before…is it common?


  10. If the overcoat has a breast pocket, how much does that affect what should be considered an acceptable length?

  11. Which overcoat can make you look taller long or short overcoat? What's the difference with a topcoat? I'm 5'8 medium built I'm trying to decide whether to cut my polish wool military coat shorter above the knee, is it 3 inches above?  Because it's a little heavy and hate it getting snag by the car door. Thank you.

  12. Thanks for these. I used to have to wear a suit and tie to work – I lived in a rural area, and enjoyed the excuse to "look nice". I miss looking sharp, and love your tips on doing so in everyday life.

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