Men’s Style Advice: Matching Colors with Men’s Clothing

Men's Style Advice: Matching Colors with Men's Clothing Men’s Style, Grooming and Fitness
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In this video professional image consultant and male fashion expert Aaron Marino talks about how to match colors. Aaron Marino is the guy’s guide and helps men look their best and feel even better. Aaron works with men around the country to help them present the best image they can. He does this through image, style, grooming, wardrobe, fashion, and the male makeover.


  1. Get a proper mic. or people won't take you seriously.

    Of course you made this video in 2009 so maybe you've done so.

  2. I know this is an older video, just subscribed today.
    Enjoying the content in your videos already, i love fitness,food and fashion tips thank you!

  3. I love your videos Alpha, and I realize this is an older video, but your tie is way too wide(I probably learned that from you). lol I'm just giving you something else to "stroke your ego.." j/k Having said that, you've helped me a lot and I can't wait to see more videos!

  4. The only time black doesn't go with everything is if you have white pants with all black shoes or black pants with all white shoes. Looks very sore thumby and it's too much contrast all at once. Shoes that have a combo of black and white on them however will totally work.

  5. also can you make a video on the importance of brands, is it important or are all brands using the same patterns
    thank you
    and how about materials,

  6. That is a very wide tie you have on there Aaron.

    Also that green shirt is sorta an ugly color, regardless of what you match it with.

  7. I still remember when I asked you this question and you soon after made the video. Aaron not sure if you have one already, but can you make a video on rain wear? Raincoat jackets, shoes, trench… I would like to see more videos for hot or rainy climates. Sweaters and scarves look great but in Sunny Miami we don't see anything but hot and humid climate. 

  8. Bahahahahaha love the respond you gave according to your comments +alpha m. Really enjoy your videos and I must say that people do notice when you take care of yourself 🙂 

  9. I think that you are great and extremely helpful. I just want to thank you for doing this line of work and helping those that are interested and serious about making a change in their wardrobe, which respectively, brings positive change in their life. Just ignore those that try to put you down for stupid s*** . there are lots of crazy people in the world with lots of time in their hands to nit pick! keep up the great work!

  10. Not too sure about the tie you are wearing. Looks like one of those cheap ones you get for free with a shirt in a box.

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