Metal Fish Sculpture (Step By Step How To Sculpt A Bream From Scrap Metal)

Metal Fish Sculpture (Step By Step How To Sculpt A Bream From Scrap Metal)

This is a video of me building a bream metal fish from scrap metal. Turned out pretty cool. It will certainly go in my man cave. Tell me what you think.


  1. Second comment. I looked at your videos only to find that you are a welding expert. I thought you were an artist. Well actually, you are an artist! The fish is brilliant.

  2. Seems like you must take a picture with your eyes. Otherwise how could you just make a bream freehand like that? Cool.

  3. Very nice work! You have a good eye and a good touch, using just a few simple tools. Thank you for putting up this video.

  4. Very nice. Inspired and now subscribed. Another interesting finish that I have used is to mix ladies' finger nail polish with clear laquer, usually about 4 to 1 ratio, i.e. 4 laquer to 1 fnp. Makes a translucent finish that gives colors not achievable with patinas, but can still see the wonderful patinas and textures through it. (Not like paint, which usually masks/negates the unique beauty of steel.)

  5. Paul, I enjoyed watching you work your metal and it proves that with some rusty old metal, some work and a lot of talent, cool things can happen.  Keep up the good work.

  6. Really nice sculpture and really nice video. Not too much talk. I like that. Gives the viewer time to look without distraction. Also appreciated seeing the entire process. Everything, the sculpture and video was really well done. For patinas for steel you might check out Sculpt Nouveau. I'm working on one now and probably will use their products and instructional You Tube videos.

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