Mix and Match Clothes

Mix and Match Clothes

This video was created and published by www.syleswithpascale.com to show you how to mix and match your clothes to get the most out of your wardrobe. I want to help you to optimize the clothes you already have. I will show you how to recycle the clothes in your closets. You do not have to go buy a whole new wardrobe every year because you will learn how to reuse the ones you already have to make a current look. In this video, I have used some older fashion clothes and then mix and match them with newer updated pieces to make a more fashionably chic and current look. So remember to have fun with your clothes and your wardrobe will look twice as much than it really is.


  1. Hello glamorous Pascal! I have a question for you on how to match entrecote accessories with basic top clothes. And give me more examples about entrecote lines in clothes, please.

  2. I really love your videos..Im a broke college student who lives in the Bahamas and i really need a wardrobe update. However with us being a tropical country, its hard to find so i want to know if u could suggest online sites where i can get them in various colors at a low cost plz…it would mean a great deal, thanks

  3. I am loving that grey dress! It pays to spend a little more to get your moneys worth years later. Looks 2 & 3 are me all the way. Keep those video coming.

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