Necktie Widths: How to Choose With So Many Options (Standard, Slim, Skinny)

Necktie Widths: How to Choose With So Many Options (Standard, Slim, Skinny) Men’s Style, Grooming and Fitness
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In this video professional male image expert aaron marino talks about the different options in necktie widths as well as how and when to wear them. Men’s ties come in standard, slim and skinny with every size in-between. Learn how to choose the best options so that you are always looking your best! How to wear a slim tie and skinny tie.


  1. Unless for casual reasons, you should never wear a fucking skinny tie or slim tie. They just never look good in formal and business environments but that might be my biased inclination as a European. If I was hiring someone and they walked in with a skinny tie in a weird knot, I would first teach them how to select a tie and do a proper knot. In the words of Harvey Specter "Get that skinny tie out of my face".

  2. Which colour/pattern of a tie would you recommend for a clean, relatively light lavender coloured shirt? I would like to match that with a pair of charcoal suit pants and charcoal shoes… :)

  3. great info. ….now I wish you would talk about the best brands of ties! as a woman, I'm not hip to all the best tie makers….thanks

  4. +alpha m.  Hi on what occasions appart from weddings would it be acceptable to wear cream/ivory tie. As i have researched and found that this colour ties are mostly worn at weddings. Thank you in advance

  5. im from Croatia, and i would recommend you check out Croata, they make top quality cravats (ties) if you are interested :)

  6. but wool is fire retardant so it would be a good choice for hell. if i'm going to hell i am taking a wool tie with me

  7. Hahaha gr8 tips… now guys stop harassing the guy. Lol well he didnt explain either he is alpha male or alpha female. Just a practical joke man. No offense. I greatly enjoy ur videos.

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