Obie the Obese Dachshund Custody Battle:Temporary Owner Fights to Keep Dog

Obie the Obese Dachshund Custody Battle:Temporary Owner Fights to Keep Dog

Obese dog’s battle to lose weight has made him a national sensation. For more, click here:


  1. If Nora has done anything – she has done a miracle for this poor dachshund named Obie. You take one look at him at 77 lbs and you wonder why the children , extended family , neighbors, or anyone else didn't report this elderly couple to the Humane Society or the authorities sooner for the ill treatment / abuse that they gave to their dachshund Obie .They had to be senile / demented to overfeed and mistreat this poor dog to this extent – that his belly was so big that his legs didn't touch the floor and he wasn't able to walk – much less run ! This was also Exhibit A that this couple had absolutely no judgement or capacity to take care of themselves or their pet – and they needed to be placed in a Skilled Nursing Facility . There is no other explanation why owners would allow a dachshund to become so morbidly obese that his belly prevented him from walking .

  2. And for the record, Obie was NEVER ever bigger than he first was when Nora got him. That is a load of crap. All she has ever done is try to help Obie and use his story to shed light on animal cruelty that is masked as "kindness". He has only ever lost weight, not gained. He is a perfectly healthy dog now. His weight is right on target. He runs and plays and romps with his brothers as all dogs should do. Nora was his second chance. She is as blessed by his presence as he is by hers. 

  3. Dachshund Rescue wanting nothing to do with him b/c he was too complicated a case for an organization to deal with directly. So they sought out someone who would be willing to care for Obie and help him lose weight, no easy task. Nora was kind enough to take him in. She is a vet tech and has access to proper care and consultation to help him. It wasn't until the rescue organization realized that he was worth money to them that they started saying Nora was "exploiting" him. They were just mad that they didn't think of it first. To take Obie from a family environment and put him "facility" environment would have been cruel. I'm so glad he has his forever home with his new mom and brothers. He's a happy and healthy dog now, thanks to Nora. 

  4. so what fucking idiot? everyone buys stuff for themselves, the dog looks like its having a blast and living the dream with her. her house looks clean, AND i am seriously fucking hoping your house looks as clean as hers.


  6. you are being funny i suppose, because the woman not only looks like a decent human being (i wonder if you do with an avatar liket that), but her house looks clean (money doesn't take care on how you PRESENT the place you live in), same with facebook, money doesn't take care of facebook pages, people wanting to help other overweight dogs do.

  7. check again,
    Obie is now 35lbs with this same owner, and she just used the money to have his excess skin removed

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