One Stroke Painting: How To Use the Angle Brush

One Stroke Painting: How To Use the Angle Brush.m4v

How to use the angle brush. This is a demo of the Cabbage Rose using the angle brush.

I promised to show everyone what the angle brush can do at the February Richmond VA Level 1 Certification, but ran out of time. By April Numamoto.


  1. I just bought some paint grumbacher, system 3 and another. They are thicker but could I add water to them. Also just bought regular brushes. Nothing real expensive but like simply simmons and leow cornell. Will they not work? Just spend so much money last month and now want to do this type of painting too but are limited on funds. Very limited. Just wanted to get started. Also what would be the best sort of large pad of paper to buy. There are so many different kinds..

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