Oreo Milkshake Recipe | Dessert Ideas | Food How To

Oreo Milkshake Recipe | Dessert Ideas | Food How To

Regardless of how you usually eat Oreos (dunked in milk, twisted in half, or otherwise) it’s time to up the ante with a far superior method: blended into a frothy, no-holds-barred milkshake. Thankfully, this fountain-shop treat couldn’t be easier to make at home. Watch the video to see the simple method and to learn a few trivia snippets about America’s favorite cookie, and then bust out the blender!

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  1. Mmm! Oreo milkshakes are from the restaurants and fast food! These are so rich, so sweet, so decadent and mighty tasty!! We remember that milk from the cow.

    Got milk?
    February 3, 2016

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