PACK + LAYER LIKE A PRO! How to Pack LESS + Travel Tips!

PACK + LAYER LIKE A PRO! How to Pack LESS + Travel Tips!

Today’s video is all about how to pack + layer like a pro plus some cute outfit ideas for fall! Let me know if you liked this video by giving it a thumbs up [and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel!

HEY GUYS! As you guys know, I travel a lot #planelife. I’ve been getting a lot of requests to do a video on how I pack my carry on suitcase and what to pack for a trip, so here it is! I travel mostly with only carry on luggage + have pretty much become a packing / layering pro [use of the word ‘pro’ is strong, but hey let’s go with it]. These are my top tips after all my time in the sky–

1. Pack Layering Pieces
-Ensure that you don’t overpack in the outfit department by packing pieces that are interchangeable / that you can mix and match. Sticking to a similar color palette really allows you to mix all of your options together to create multiple looks!

2. Accessorize
I like to pack more basic clothing and switch up my looks with the help of some great accessories. I love hats, scarfs + statement necklaces!

3. Pack 1-2 pairs of shoes
Minimize the space taken up in your suitcase by bringing only 1-2 pairs of shoes! I like to bring something that goes with everything, like a pair of black boots.
Black boots shown:
SOREL™ Major Carly Leather Boot [dude yes they really are named after me]:

A newer addition to my closet this year is this pair of black boots with some graphic texture on them. If you’re freaking out because they match your vest, girl, I feel you-
SOREL™ Major Pull On Boot:

FTC: Thank you Sorel for partnering with me to create this video, and for making boots that match with all of my neutrals. Yassssss!

4. Wear your heaviest layers
Wear the items on your flight that will take up the most room in your suitcase. I like to wear things like my hat, my poncho + my boots to travel in because I’m a generally cold person [TEMPERATURE WISE] and then I’m not trying to stuff a massive blanket into my small carry on.

5. Minimize the makeup
-Consolidate your toiletries into one bag! Packing things like palettes makes traveling a lot easier- more options in a smaller amount of space.

I hope my tips could help you for your next trip / hope you liked the different outfit combos shown in this video! Make sure to comment me your tips for traveling!

SECRETS: If you made it to this section in the info box write ‘ REAL FRIENDS! ‘ down below in the comments because I’m sitting here wondering why I’m typing all of this out because probably 2 people are going to read it hahaha.

Fashion Videography: Tomas Martinsen

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  1. I just bought the pull on boot. I was happy they had my size and it was on sale. I loved the terrible reviews because the boot fit narrow. Perfect for me since I wear 10/10.5 AA! Just in time for the real rain. Thanks! :D

  2. Would be good to see a packing video if you are going for a special occasion but only taking carry on as all your outfit were very casual?? Thanks

  3. Real Friends. Great tips. Your outfits look great. I would never bury my TSA bag like that, though. I always have it in my big purse so it's quick to pull out and put in the security bin.  
    I'm very happy to find a stylish Youtuber who wears footwear that you can actually travel in! Leave the heels at home. Especially for Europe. You'll be pulling your little suitcase over cobblestones! (another reason for carryon only)

  4. Hey Carly… Just found you !! Where have I been???? Lol. Anyways, I travel a lot (hubby an Intl Pilot) so lots of weekend trips/plenty airplane time….. Your tips are SPOT ON… Every one of them ! Made me laugh out loud for sure… Cause it's the only way to travel !!! Thanks!
    Elle DFW

  5. Wait, wait. So when you say bible… do you mean like… the ACTUAL Bible? Are you serious? You carry the Bible around the world with you? That's honestly the funniest, most depressing shit I've seen today. You seem like a smart, educated, obviously wealthy young woman with access to information, why in the name of all that is sane would you be SO obsessed with a two thousand year old racist, sexist, slavery condoning book that you feel the need to carry it along with you all over? In hardback cover. I mean have you ever even read the whole thing?

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