Pantry Organization {How to Organize Deep Cabinets}

Pantry Organization {How to Organize Deep Cabinets}

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In THIS video I will show you how I organized my small pantry that has CRAZY deep shelves! Here are the large bins I used in cabinets:

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  1. Thanks for the description of deep cabinets! It gave me several ideas on how I can organize my deep pantry and keep things from getting lost! Hoorah!!!

  2. You did a great job with the space you had and adapted the bins to replace slide-out shelving. It is expensive!!!

  3. wow you have given me some great ideas for our pantry. I like the idea of transferring all the dry goods into jars. We have a mess of canning jars we can use. One more thing, keep your nuts in the freezer they will stay fresh for years.

  4. You can get white plastic screw top mason jar lids at Walmart in the canning section in housewares. They come in small mouth and wide mouth jar sizes.

  5. I had already thought of the sterlite thing, My pantry is deep too but mine is even more narrow! I haven't found anything like it to work with it.
    I didn't need to watch the whole video your overview was enough for a couple of tips. But I watched it all anyway because I like how you talk


  6. One thing you can do instead of canning jars is to use the style with the metal hinge, I've seen them described as French or Italian preserving jars. I've seen them at BBB and IKEA. They have a rubber gasket. Good upgrade from canning jars but more expensive at $2.49-3.49 EA from IKEA (Korken jar with lid).

  7. If you feel that the plastic bins aren't sturdy enough, IKEA sells the Algot group of metal mesh or wire baskets. I bought a couple recently which are similar depth/width as your top "drawer". And, were less than $5 each. Another tip for using the canning jars is to use your Seal-a-meal to create vacuum seal. Great for infrequently used staples. As for the DT jars, I wouldn't use them for traditional canning, just my own lack of confidence in them . I am getting plastics out of my household, even the BPA-free aren't safe and plastic never really goes away, very bad for the environment, so I urge every one to consider the life of what you buy, not just your own immediate need. Love how you are working to maximize your space. Can use jelly roll pan lined with non slip liner, too.

  8. There are plastic lids for mason jars, too. Maybe those would help you? Cannot recall for certain where I purchased, but think was Target and maybe Ball brand. I hope that this helps.

  9. I know this video is older, but, I  wouldn't advise using any super glues or the like on jar lid insides, as they can release fumes, especially with any degree of heat that hits them in tighter spaces. As others have said, you can change the lid with the various replacements. It might have been mentioned, but the two piece lids make for airtight seal, especially when jarring warmer/hotter foods, like jellies, etc. The heat will actually cause a vacuum on that type of lid. Also, the freezer safe ones (labeled as such, or else they shatter) form a very tight seal.  Just please don't use glues….I would hate to see anyone ingest those toxins. Very nice job on the organization by the way. You did a wonderful job with the type of space you have, and adapted well. =)

  10. ove your videos. I use half pint canning jars for my spices. and I got a bunch of class canisters from Wal-Mart after Christmas 75% off. they have snowflakes on them, but are clear. I use them for my small drygoods. holds a bag of brown sugar or a 2 lb bag of rice.  I really like how you labeled the lower jar lids. smart idea.

  11. The reason your canning jar comes off in two sections is that that flat part creates an airtight fit which is good. Less waste means saving money for you. Food stays fresher and lasts longer, which is good.

  12. Thanks so much for the idea for the deep shelves!  I've been racking my brain wondering how to make my deep cabinets work.  We just moved from Texas to Florida for my husband's job.  When I saw you pull out that H.E.B. can my heart fluttered.  I miss my H.E.B!  🙂  I shop at Aldi's now.  It's just not the same but the prices are great.  

  13. Thank you for doing this video. I have been looking for a video with deep cabinets thanks for the ideas, i am a new subscriber. 

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