Perfect Pizza using a BBQ & Pizza Stone

Perfect Pizza using a BBQ & Pizza Stone

Achieve restaurant quality Pizza’s by using a gas BBQ and a Pizza Stone. Follow me on twitter @ChrisPBlackburn & @Y0rkshirePudd


  1. do you oil your stone before the pizza goes on or do you just sit the pizza on a dry stone when the stone and grill are hot and ready for the pizza..

  2. So simple and so delicious looking. I'm doing my first bbq pizza tonight after my mum gave me her unwanted pizza stone. I'll be adding salami, rocket and mushrooms. Maybe some chilli too. Great little post – thanks!

  3. Brilliant – I lift the Pizza stone off the grill with 3 old bean cans but my grills a little bigger – you get such a crispy base with this method 

  4. directly from an Italian pizza maker, this video fantastic and your pizza and made ​​with love , bravo bravo bravo amico mio

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