1. A much easier approach is to use the displacement filter ( Filter > Distort > Displace). By using this filter your design will be automatically distorted/wrapped in your template. Bonus : If you are using Photoshop CS you do not need to raster(ize) your design.

    The only downside I can see using this method is that it requires you to create another template using the "original template" that you are using which will be used by the displacement filter as a map to distort your logo/graphics.

    Here are my 5 easy steps:

    Step 1 : Prepare your two templates.
    Step 2 : Create your displacement map PSD. Make a duplicate copy of your template ( Image > Duplicate ) and convert it to grayscale — Important ( Image > Mode > Grayscale ).
    Step 3 : Like +Joshua Longyear said, position/scale/distort your vector or smart object design in your other template.
    Step 4 : Run the displace filter and play around with the options ( horizontal and vertical scale ). By using smart object, the filter will appear as a smart filter, which means that you can still edit your filter settings.
    Step 5 : After clicking OK, the displace filter will asked you to look for your displacement map. Locate your displacement map PSD and hit open. Viola!

  2. In liquify always check the show backdrop. This will show you the shirt layer which makes it much easier and more accurate to get the liquifying correct. 

  3. THANK FOR MAKIN A VIDEO THAT IS ON POINT , unlike th otherones theya like 15 min and they dont show sh….

  4. Hello are you available to talk? I need help with wording for a black tee shirt with red print. Im brand new at this and I messed up.. If you could help me or anyone on here would be greatly appreciated. Having so much trouble understanding Photo Shop Elements?
    Thank you

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