Pizza in a Wood Pizza Oven

Pizza in a Wood Pizza Oven

How to video for making authentic Vera Pizza Napoletana in a backyard wood-fired oven. Covers pizza dough preparation, assembling a Margherita pizza, firing a wood oven and baking.


  1. its a great pizza the way it should be, but please tell me something. Why do you make your dow so wet? You could handle it much easier if you use a little less water. There must be a good reason making the dow so wet, am I right?

  2. I learnt a valuable lesson with this type of ovens……..get your pizzas from the pizza shop… out less expensive…and without any grit/ash…

  3. I have one question. Doesn't the bottom of the pizza get covered in ash putting it right on the stone like that? I feel there should be some sorta pan it should cook on or something to keep it clean.

  4. Hey, great stuff….So how much does it really matter which type of wood you use outside of sappy wood? Can I use say a combination of differnt woods and not have to worry about it affecting the flavor? 

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