Professional Teeth Cleaning in a Dog or Cat

Professional Teeth Cleaning in a Dog or Cat

A dog is examined and a blood sample is taken. The pet is determined to be safe to have it’s teeth cleaned. The pet is then anesthetized for a complete oral examination and for a thorough cleaning of the teeth. The teeth are scaled, polished, and sealed.


  1. The only thing I don't agree with is the way the tech held the pets mouth during intubation. I always hold by the sturdy gums next to a set a teeth to open the mouth, otherwise the pets could close its mouth and bite the tech either because it is too light or trying to fight the propoflo.

  2. 500 dollars at South Trail Animal Hospital in Fort Myers…….Trust me, they don't do it like this !!! The bare minimum

  3. do you have any professional advice in how to keep a dogs teeth clean from the inside of the mouth. i brush my dogs teeth every night without fail. he has really clean teeth on the oit side but i am having trouble keeping the inside of the mouth clean where the toungue is. Any advice or techniques will help. i use dogtpothpaste with tooth brush, water additive,dental sprays, dental gels, and dental chews.

  4. I know that baby was so much happier when he realized his teeth We're sparkly white and squeeky clean!!

  5. Thank you for this video. I am glad you mentioned the use of fluoride and a sealant. Both have been shown to be toxic in humans and are banned in many countries. Now that pet owners are aware of these practices, they can research the dangers for themselves.

  6. Hi my dog has a tumor in bad teeth we are going to get the tumor checked out tomorrow tumor is by his back leg on the right side it is very small no bigger than a ping pong Ball it does not stick out do you think this tumor is cancerous or noncancerous

  7. Hello,do you know any org or vets within the New York area that help with fees to low income people,my vets fees for this cleaning is 700 which is a large sum of money but my dog needs this done,any info you or someone out may know would be appreciated.
    Thank you

  8. It costs about $500 to give a dog proper teeth cleaning in Canada. I have 2 dogs and both are 4 yrs old. I couldn't brought them into a proper dental treatment yet because simply I cannot afford it. But now at least, now I understand why vets have to charge so much for this. It is a long procedure. Thanks for the video

  9. Thank you for putting this video, I had to take my dog in today and it is comforting to see the procedure and what he will undergo.

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