Push Ups for Kids Who CAN Do Push Ups!

Push Ups for Kids Who CAN Do Push Ups!

Now that you’ve graduated from the earlier video on push ups, try some more challenging versions.


  1. Denik6, I am 10 aswell I tried doing a full body push up. I got down to the ground my nose literally hit the ground and then i tried getting up but i just fell ;( the next day i had aches in my chest :(

  2. im a 9 year old hip hop dancer singer and actress and musician and i want a beyoncé body.i can do a pushup and crunches and situps and a cartwheel and the proper crab and a handstand and a left split.any ideas?

  3. im Steven Coyle. and im 13 and i am weak. and i am sick and tired of being pushed around. anyone know any GOOD tips for working out. at home (obviously)

  4. ooo wow. it seems easy but when i do it. i thought i was gonna die. I'M ONLY 12. DON'T SAY ANYTHING.

  5. @anythingnew Denik6, Continue: You will not be able to lift your yourself up for a few weeks or months. (Depend on how hard and often you work).

    You MUST keep pushing at the ground. Your triceps will then start to develop as you push against the earth. When the time is right, you will be able to do your first real push up.

    ALWAYS keep your entire body straight when going up and down. Place an empty cup on your back or butt. If it falls or moves, then you're not staying straight.

  6. @denik6 If you want to start doing "REAL" push ups, get into the position at 1:04

    Now, lower your entire body to the ground. You are now lying flat on the ground but with your arms (this is the important part) as close as possible to your body. Your elbows should be near your body. Don't do it like the girl in this video, her arms are too far from the body.The tip of your thumb should be touching your nipples. Now try lifting yourself up with "only the strength of your arms and feet".

  7. @evanbournehighfly it is upto you and i do 25 push ups and i do it twice a day so it is all upto your strength
    i would say that it is better if you increase or add 1 push up to your set everyday

  8. @evanbournehighfly only do 2-3 a day…. Anywhere above 5 is overdoing it…………..jk i do 70 every night and im 13

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