Push Ups for Women: 5 tips on how to do a push up

Push Ups for Women: 5 tips on how to do a push up


Push ups start at 1 min 31 seconds.

Ever since I’ve been teaching our new Insanity classes in Brighton, I’ve been reminded that push ups for women can be really difficult.

As a rule, women tend to not have great upper body strength which means you can feel intimidated when you go to do some upper body moves and exercises. Also, many women can just stick with the modified push up — the ones where you have your knees on the ground — and never progress to doing the full push up.

Although you’ll see that I can do push ups nowadays, it wasn’t that long ago that I really didn’t have much upper body strength. As a former runner, I had great cardiovascular fitness and strong legs but I never bothered with my upper body. This meant that my push ups looked more like nose dives to the floor…

There are two reasons that I’m such a fan of women doing push ups.

First, push ups don’t just work your chest; they are also great for building shoulder strength, arm strength, butt strength and your core.

Second, when you can lift your own body weight it gives you an amazing sense of confidence in your physical body as you can, quite literally, lift and support yourself. That’s also why I love progressing through pull-ups, but we’ll love that for another day.

So I thought it would be a great idea to show you exactly how you can improve your strength until you can easily do a push up!

Watch the video for all 5 tips.


  1. Good Demo – Thank you ( just a point on Presentation though … grammatically it should be 'We women'/ 'we girls ' NOT Us Women. 

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