Q-Unique “Between Heaven & Hell” Album Review


This album was produced mostly by Q-Unique himself. Additional producers on the album are: Quincy Tones, Necro, Q-Dog, Ill Bill, Rob Flow, Lostsun and Al’ Tarba…… I neglected to mention these dudes in the video. They deserve props for helping craft this banger!!!!


  1. Actually Cashis was and still is signed to Shady. I know wikipedia says Aftermath, but there's multiple interviews saying he's never been signed to Aftermath, just Shady.

  2. Yoo Misanthropik … Big L's family will release a NEW L album called "Retun of the Devil's Son" … it's gonna drop in the 23rd November 2010!!!

  3. @MisanthropikOne Where do you buy your underground rap at, I usually buy mine online thats the only place i can find them.

  4. I was on a Q-Unique & DJ Eclipse show a few days ago. He's a beast ! Totally underrated tho. Would be great if the Arsonists come back with an album..

  5. Good review yeah this album was dope. Also along with the album being pushed back the cover art changed like 5 times lol

  6. Been waiting for you to do this album review for a while… Thanks alot for putting it up here… And i agree with Apollothemyth the K-Rino album would be nice too…. also… review NINETEEN NINETY NOW!

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