Quick Mountaineering Boot Lacing Tips

Quick Mountaineering Boot Lacing Tips

A couple quick tips to keep your heels from flopping around in your boots. Blister prevention in under two minutes. Another film by mother-daughter team Jilly and Alison Salva.


  1. Any advice on breaking in Alico mountaineering boots??  A friend said to put shaving cream on them with a hot towel but I'm worried that'd ruin the leather. 

  2. This is a great tip! I have been hiking/backpacking for 25+ years and haven't run across a better way to tie your boot. It works great for my long narrow feet that want to creep forward during hikes. Thanks so much.

  3. Just to add to this video, always tie your boots while standing up if possible. This will put your foot in the correct spot in the boot as you wear it.

  4. @Jillywray I'm going to try the "over the top" heel hook lace technique with my Scarpas. The only problem I've had is heel lift, and this should take care of it. Thanks again.

  5. @icychap glad you found this useful. Those are an ancient pair of Lowa mountaineering boots. These days I'm wearing Lowa double boots for the burly stuff and La Sportiva boots for outings in the lower 48. We're due to have access to a camera again and expect to produce more short vids. Check back in April 2011. Thx again for watching!

  6. gregbg,
    I recommend the reversion of the heel hooks prior to the first surgeon's knot, however, what works best will depend on your boots and the shape of your foot.

    You may want to experiment with both lacing methods to see what feels best.

    Alternatively, try placing a small piece of lamb's wool between your pinky toe and the boot. Ballet dancers have used lamb's wool in their point shoes for dealing with friction/blisters.

    Best of luck with your boots and let us know how it goes.

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