Raw Power Vs Flawless Technique In The Epic Climber Gym | Epic Climber, Ep. 6

Raw Power Vs Flawless Technique In The Epic Climber Gym | Epic Climber, Ep. 6


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After several days spent tearing up the local crags, today our Epic Climber team of Hazel Findlay, Alex Megos, Emily Harrington and Tommy Caldwell are heading indoors. These four climbers all have very different relationships with the climbing gym and wildly differing approaches to climbing in general. Nowhere is that more apparent than when they’re all pulling on plastic together and as the group sets different projects for each other, individual strengths begin to emerge. More than that however, attitudes towards the role of indoor climbing are challenged as Alex is forced to admit that you can’t simply power your way through everything at the gym and Tommy begins to see the benefits of the explosive training style of which Alex is a major proponent.

Director: Alan Sim
Producer: Donna Saarentola

A Strength Vs Technique Showdown In The Epic Climber Gym | Epic Climber, Ep. 6


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  1. Holy shit! I have seen others do stuff like that, also some crazy Baristi things, but THIS GUY looks so freaking normal, you'd never think that he is so strong! I wonder what his weight is and how strong he'd be with weights. Incredible. Awesome!
    Unfortunately I can not climb anymore, my shoulders are busted. On a good day I am happy if I can manage four sets of 6 pull ups without pain. But that's it.

  2. One nice thing about small breasts
    You don't have to wear a bra and people don't notice. I don't sometimes. No one notices

  3. That strength, wow, not only can he support his whole body with one hand, but he can throw himself upwards with it too

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