Roundabouts Driving lessons How To Negotiate Roundabout An Easy To Understand Full Explanations UK

Roundabouts Driving lessons How To Negotiate Roundabout An Easy To Understand Full Explanations UK

Roundabouts Driving lessons How To Negotiate Roundabout An Easy To Understand Full Explanations.
Most learners may find roundabouts confusing. New Learner sometimes are scared of roundabouts due to so much going on at the same time and often make rushed judgement. There is a good chance that you’ll be tested on roundabouts on your practical driving test. The driving test many times includes taking the difficult roundabouts. It can be from of mini roundabouts to very complex multi-lane roundabouts.
This Video tutorial provides both skilled and learner drivers with the accurate information for dealing with roundabouts along with tips and safety routines.
References UK Highway Code, DSA Driving Essential Skills 2013 Edition, Practical Test for Car Drivers (Bsm), Driving Skills Manual (AA).

What Lane do I need to be when approaching roundabout?
What is the appropriate speed and gear to use to negotiate roundabouts?
When to signal (indicate) when approaching roundabout?
What routine to follow on roundabout in UK?
How to deal with cyclist, motor bikes, horse riders and pedestrians on roundabouts?
What exists are left and what exits are right on a roundabout?
Are rules for Roundabouts same as cross roads?



  1. There's 340 driving test centres in the Uk. For example 1000 people take the test per month.Cost per test for car is £62 Total income per month £62 x 1000 = £62000.£62000 x 12 months = £744,000 Total income per year. The pass rate it 47% therefore 47% off 1000 is 470. Only 470 people pass per month (only 4 out 10 people pass per session). 
    530 people who failed have to rebook their driving test 530 x £62 = £32,860 per month on resits.£32,860 x 12months = £394,320 per year from resits.
    £744,000 per year on first time booking£394,360 per year on Resits 
    This is only an estimate to show how much money they make off this flawed system, Where you are failed on the test because you're part of the 53% who have to fail and resit no matter how well you drive , the odds are stacked against you. The examiner always finds a reason to fail you, like when turning right into a side road the car was really close to the curb, you didn't check your often mirrors, bad positioning on roundabout, hesitated to change lanes right after another vehicle cut you off before a junction, gear changing, road positioning, doing 32mph on a 30 speed limit, doing 24 mph instead of 30 on side road full of parked cars on each side etc. (There's a lot of an untold stories out there, where people are failed on most pointless reasons but after resetting their test over 10 times they magically pass). When this happens to you first time you blame yourself, but after six attempts and you still fail but the reasons for failing are not consistent, you start to question the examiner decision. There is no pattern to your failure, it's all random, you can't pin point the cause of your failure your driving instructor tells you there's nothing else they can teach you and strongly recommends you change your test centre, or pick one in a rural area up North. Don't get me wrong there's people out there who can't drive because of poor road planning who need more driving lessons. But surely the percentage of the people can't drive safely can't be 53%  realistically 20 to 25 percent should be the fail rate. But this will never happened because this means there will be less income from resits. I personally want to give around of applause to the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) for being a very honest and successful business. Keeping it Real #NumberOneHustlers.

  2. Hello, I really appreciate your work 🙂
    I don't know If someone has already asked you, but could you please tell me which software did you use to create this animation ?

  3. It states to check the mirrors but what do you do when you see vehicles in the mirror?  Say you need to position yourself on the left but there is a car on your right slightly behind you or if you can't take the 3rd exit cause there is a car in the way.. Keep in the middle of the roundabout for that one or?…

  4. I call bullshit. My test examiner failed me because I turned right and came off in the left lane as stated in the vid. He said you exit the roundabout in the same lane you entered . Therefore turning right, you exit in right lane not left lane.

  5. Thank you for your teaching , more video right turn, reverse in the corner, meeting point plese up load ore helpful my exam is very nearly coming soon .thanks a lots

  6. Thanks for the detailed explanations, really helped me to understand and negotiate roundabouts , Delighted to say I Passed with just 5 minors yesterday.

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