Russian Army Super Secret: No Hands Push Ups

Russian Army Super Secret: No Hands Push Ups

This is a top secret video of new super technic Russian soldiers adopted allowing them to do push ups WITHOUT using hands. For now only a few skilled proffesionals have been trained to do this, but the things unfolding pretty fast and whole squads of extra ability privates are being formed to date.


  1. This reminds me of footage from the sky lab where they were faking zero gravity. Mankind is more apt to trick people than telling the truth for the sole reason that most people don't care about being lied to and tricked. People love the lie more than reality.

  2. fucking idiots who say "oh yeah his feet are dug in the ground"….. do you understand the amount of strength that it would take to move your body weight with only your ankle joint? its something else not his feet being buried in the ground

  3. That is actually easier to do than one handed pushups. You just have to have your feet securely hooker onto a ledge or hole in the ground.

  4. and this video is obviously bullshit, yea cuz they are gonna allow top secret shit to just be filmed? i dont think so especially not Russia

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