Sales Pro Shows Celebrity Real Estate Agents How to Negotiate Price

Sales Pro Shows Celebrity Real Estate Agents How to Negotiate Price –
Sales Pro Shows Real Estate Agents How to Negotiate Price

Sales training expert and Business Guru gives Celebrity Real estate agents a lesson in how to sell Luxury real estate Selling Real Estate in Tough Market –
In this Segment of popular TV show Selling LA Celebrity real estate agents get listing for NY Time Best sellng author and Multi-family real estate expert Grant Cardone’s home in Hollywood. Lionel Ritchie lived at this trophy property atop the famous Bird Streets of Hollywood. The neighborhood is filled with stars like Leo DiCaprio, Dr. Dre, Kenau Reeves, Hollie Berrie, and Jennifer Anston.

International Sales Training Expert and NY TImes Best-Selling, Grant Cardone, stars in an episode of HGTV’s new series, “Selling LA.” Watch Grant throw down some knowledge on the real estate industry and how to negotiate the price of high end real estate.

Cardone delivers a sales seminar on the property to Real Estate agents telling them he knows that everyone thinks he is an idiot for the price he has property listed for and then goes on to make the point that the one person that will buy his house overpays for everything from cars, to purses, clothing, boats and everything else.


  1. Mr. Grant you won't consider any thing less than 18M, but your Realtor asked you to consider 14M. Your Realtor did exactly what you told him not to do. HAH.

  2. Did the house sell? And if so, for what price? .. but most importantly, did that agent ever get his cup of coffee?!

  3. "Don't drink my coffee now, because coffee's for closers." Hilarious, but if you want to great at anything you have to be able to close. You don't get rewarded for effort, you get rewarded for execution. #MP

  4. Who knows how much this property sold for? I remember him mentioning something on meerkat about this property saying he could have gotten more.

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