Salsa Dancing Lessons : Quick Spin Move

Salsa Dancing Lessons : Quick Spin Move

Another quick video dance lesson of salsa dancing videos. Today we show you how to perform the famous “Salsa Disco” dance move using different amounts of spin. A lot of dancers get caught up in the fact about knowing very little moves, but in reality, by adding doubles and triples in their current salsa dance combination – they become almost new.

There is a little known fact to most salsa dance beginners that when follows learn to spin well, they’ll fall in love with it. Follows love a challenge, and if you can start leading double and triple spins well – you should do so. They will find you more fun to dance with because you make it more challenging. For ladies who would like to improve their spinning, you may want to check out these salsa tip articles on spinning. (at website)


  1. anthony….please dont post funny stuff in the subtitles…..i had to watch the video again to ignore the subtitles !!

  2. so to order a pizza as most difficult way as possible is to teach this move to a girl, ask for her number and order a pizza. Mind blown.

  3. Great videos, Anthony, Julie, Melanie! This is exactly what I was looking for – straight up quick instruction so I can show it to my dance partners as we learn it together. 100x better for me than in person dance classes I have attended. Thank you so much for your dedication to making so many videos and your generosity in sharing them! Addicted2Salsa is my go to Salsa Dance School.

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  7. Anthony…of the the lessons and teachers I've had lessons with I still go back to you for your ease and fun way of making difficult moves look so easy. Keep up the good work

  8. Yo tengo ritmo, tu eres un jodido robot, y por supuesto los robots,no tienen sentido del ritmo, es lo unico que sabes decir,puedo darte mas vocabulario en ingles,ya veo que necesitas…oohhh y si…soy mejor bailando que tu,sudakilla.

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