Sewing basics – How to: shorten a dress (or skirt or trousers)

Sewing basics - How to: shorten a dress (or skirt or trousers)

I realise this video is rather basic for those of you who can actually sew. But sometimes I find that people tend to skip over the obvious. Since it can be very handy to see someone else do something before attempting it yourself I thought I make this video. I very much hope this is useful to someone.

Materials needed:
sewing machine (or alternatively needle and thread)
fabric scissors

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Camera I film with is the Olympus XZ-1.
Edited with Windows movie maker.

Thanks a million for Watching!!!
– Aodhamair


  1. Hello, what if you have a dress that is the length you want the other dress to be. Can you just use that dress to measure how short you want it? Thanks.

  2. Thanks for the tutorial! It really helped. I am cursed with shortness as well!
    I also really like your wallpaper ^_^

  3. What a lovely dress! And thank you for this, I bought a dress from a charity shop and it didnt quite fit but now it will 🙂

  4. Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou! This helped with a dress I've been wanting to do something with… today is my first day sewing and it turned out perfect!

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