Simple How To Lace Shoes Normal Way and with No Bow

Simple How To Lace Shoes Normal Way and with No Bow

For everyone who wants to know what shoes they are, they’re DC Men’s Pure XE Sneaker.
Only some sizes are still available here:

Cool Color SHOE LACES Here:

If you have any questions, just leave a comment and I’ll get back to you as soon possible.
Just a quick video of how to lace shoes normally. And I show how to tie the laces under the insole so there’s no bow. The insoles were glued down, you can see the glue on the bottom of the insoles in the video. Just rip them up, that’s what I did. If when you wear the shoes, the insole moves around, you can glue the insole back down with regular Elmers glue. I had to do that once on a different pair of shoes because one insole kept sliding forward.


  1. finally a video without talking!! well done, action speaks louder than words, people. If I had to go through those makeup tutorials one more time!

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