Singing Lessons For Beginners – The 5 Laws Of Singing – Learn Singing with Ken Tamplin

Singing Lessons For Beginners - The 5 Laws Of Singing - Learn Singing with Ken Tamplin

Ken Tamplin Demonstrates The 5 Laws Of Singing that helps beginners learn to start singing quick and easy.


  1. Interesting, but…when I try to sing high, it sounds like my Cat when I accidentally step on it's tail on my way to the bathroom in the morning.

  2. Hi Mr Ken my name is Mikey, and I've been practicing my voice for a while now and sometimes I feel like my head voice is not good enough, so what do suggest I do? Lol

  3. I have a voice that is a lower register and I have trouble finding my voice, and when I sing from my diaphragm the sound just goes to my chest. Help me please

  4. Enlightening. Thanks for the video. I have one question, though:

    I tend to have problems even with speech to need to clear my throat a lot. Sometimes I can be hacking away for 5 full minutes before I can speak with a clear voice again. Sometimes I'm in the middle of speaking and my throat gets "blocked" and my voice gets murkycloudycrack-y. It's not related to stress or any emotional response. I have not been able to pinpoint any specific cause or trigger though, over the years that I've had this.

    Is there an explanationsolution? Am I forever banned from singing publicly?

  5. Wow this has been really helpful for me regarding how to breathe properly and the stress relief, I'm only worried about the part when you're about to hit a high note from a low one :(

  6. brother I want to know how to sing, but I don't have talent in this way.I want to be bad voice to good voice, so can you help me in any ways… thanks.

  7. yeh oyeh oyeh now i can upload a videos covering high note songs hahaha thanks dude,,, yeh yeh rock n roll dude

  8. Hey Ken, any tips on getting rid of a sharp brassy tone on high notes? Should I put a heavier focus on opening throat?

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