Sir Richard Branson: how to start a business

Sir Richard Branson: how to start a business

Sir Richard Branson reveals what it takes to be an entrepreneur and offers his advice to an audience of 400 people who are about to start their own business. If you need funding or mentoring to launch your business head to


  1. The success of Richard Branson is based on his balls to be different and his happiness, he can inspire this two things on people, that´s why he is a leader

  2. I love business there is where my passion lies, what a great interview I think Richard Branson has done WELL ….. GOD BlESS

  3. i am from iraq so life overe here is totaly diffreind a very danger place were u don't have ensurnac or any finance or bank lon so my point is if i start 1 Busness and i end up lossing then wat should i do? die coz other then that u fucked

  4. One of the important questions when a client asks is "Can you do this (project, business) with 100% qurantee success?"    This really challenges your ability. What answer would one give since there can be many factors contribution to success or failure?

  5. Just the fact that he always ask someone a question back in the audience. Such a simple thing to do, yet makes all the difference.

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