Ski Lessons of Legend

Ski Lessons of Legend

Legendary ski lessons… Pre-order your copy here:
Volume #1 of the Piste to Peak – Ski Performance Video Series:

Reach ‘technical skiing enlightenment’ by feasting your eyes on this ridiculously dramatic trailer for ski instructional videos. Many more life altering ski tutorials by Section 8 Snowsport Institute coming soon!.

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  1. I got these videos recently. They were easily the best 18 bucks I've ever spent on skiing. My eyes were especially opened by the emphasis on being able to keep my weight centered over my skis in the both the up and down positions, separate from lateral movements, separate from the fore-aft movements. Can't wait for the second volume!

  2. Why are his feet glued together?
    Why does he constantly ski with 100% weight on the downhill ski all the time?
    Why did he do a worm turn (I should have shut it off right there)
    Why don't you call this Legendary ski lessons from 1986?

  3. I just downloaded volume 1 skiing fundamentals… pretty good job , but please in the next series turn the
    music off when you are speaking , it is already difficult because it is in english ,  I keep missing important
    words…. I hope you'll be more specific about work of the feet and thighs , specially in short turns. Anyway
    well done , but don't stop it now.

  4. Our ridiculous trailer for our new Piste to Peak ski instructional video series coming soom… Ski Lessons of Legend…

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