Startup Ideas – How can you start a business without money

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“How can you start business without money ?
Paul Gasper”


  1. The skills I have would require dropping money for insurance and licensure (I'm a musician and a house painter).

    Nobody will pay top dollar for an unlicensed and unbonded painter to do their house (and it puts you at risk if they sue you later).

    To run a music school (to teach lessons) I would have to rent a facility and buy equipment (I can't expect students to have all the equipment), hire an accompanist (I'm a singer, and a brass specialist, not a pianist), as well as get the business licensed so the tax man doesn't come after me (and no – I can't "teach out of my home". I live in an apartment building and I would receive complaints, and face eviction with time).


  2. hi Evan, I hope you still answer these. I love video editing, but my pc is too slow (barely working) for editing video's. So I got the choice to buy a new PC. I am spending money right here.
    but also I need a camera to shoot my own projects.
    should I invest in nothing, should I invest in the PC or then camera?
    love to hear from you.´╗┐

  3. Not everyone has a skill worth selling. I don't advise people to start a business without capital. its simply ridiculous. Business needs capital. You can't apply for loans because you haven't established your trustworthiness. New business usually does not earn immediately. It would be hard to pay loans on time. Start a business using your savings. For unforeseen expenses, identify people who can lend you money without a set repayment deadlines like best friends, brothers, mother, etc. Start small and expand accordingly. Slowly, learn the ropes, gain customers, trust of suppliers and banks.´╗┐

  4. Great advice. Starting a service is a great idea to use to supplement your true business. Web developers have a leg up on this.´╗┐

  5. Great video! I have really been seeking help on how to start out in the world of business, and this definitely has helped me!!´╗┐

  6. Ive heard so many entrepreneurs and much smarter people than I take this posture and I must admit it baffles me. I respect and appreciate your point of view because I know it comes from knowledge and experience but can you shed some light on how you can do this in regards to a clothing brand? I'm familiar with mock ups and making your t-shirt look like it already exist so individuals can get a preview and pre order. Thats a great idea but what about the necessary red tape you have to cut through when it comes to trademarks and copyrights? Is that not important. This process alone is costing me 1,500 dollars for a lawyer to do. Is starting a business with no money a concept that involves a leave up faith in the sense that you are not worried about anyone using your unique name or slogan? I also have a unique logo design I would love to get input from those on Facebook but I would like to have some protection before doing so. Any advice?

    Last thing, What about those that seek to have a youtube channel. Would you recommend having it in your name legally before you put up a video or is it worth the risk to just go ahead and get started?´╗┐

  7. I'm trying to start a food truck business. I have no money but I have great drive and foods to go with it. I don't know how to get a truck and product if all I have is my idea and heart. what can I do to continue to move forward?´╗┐

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