Stomach Exercises For Women: Ball Sit Ups

Stomach Exercises For Women: Ball Sit Ups

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  1. Thanks for the vid guys, I've been doing these on and off to help with my overall weak structure, I'm feeling stronger and walking taller cheers guys.

  2. Best example so far. I was hurting my neck due to my back placement on the ball. Is it normal to also feel a burn on my inner thighs. Does it matter if i extend my legs or keep them bent? 

  3. Omgee I was doing this at ho e without even knowing it was a real exercise lol.. thought I was weird.. I felt the burn though it works!! 

  4. Love the use of the stability ball – such a great tool for so many different muscle groups.

    Keep up the great work Flavia!

  5. hey Flavi, my question is: how to reach the area exactly under the butt/upper thigh. It is about the area of 2-3 fingers where cellulite accumulates there? very difficult to reach. any ideas?

  6. The exercises themselves are fine. Constructive criticism regarding the title:
    1) you are not exercising the STOMACH – that organ is part of one's digestive system, not musculature.
    2) why is it "for women" ?? – these exercises have nothing that is specific to women, perfectly vaid/worthwhile for men to do as well.

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