Stop Voice Cracking Now! Here’s How! Singing Lessons – Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy

Stop Voice Cracking Now! Here's How!  Singing Lessons -  Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy

Stop Voice Cracking Now! Here’s How! Singing Lessons – Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy

Frustrated at cracking when hitting notes? Here’s how to fix it!
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  1. Hi Ken! I really appreciate the effort you put on these videos and they have been really helpful for me. But I have one question! I have no problem on singing in falsetto really high notes, but I really struggle when I'm trying to sing the highest notes on my head voice. It's like I'm not sure if I should turn to falsetto or sing with head voice. Should I just train scales until it works, or am I just doing something wrong?

  2. Thanks so much I've been practicing singing because I am working really hard to strive and reach my goal by becoming a singer but still have a long way to go

  3. Hi Ken, I have a question on the topic of cracking in regards to how Sia sings her song "Alive". Some people think she is purposefully cracking her voice in the higher registers of the hook in the song because it always sounds the same even live and on the studio release of the song. Is there such a thing as a "controlled" crack or is she simply going beyond her vocal range? When she sings the word alive the second time is sounds super compressed like she's straining to keep her voice from cracking in that part of the song. Other than that I love the sound of her voice but was curious if you think her vocal technique is flawed and possibly damaging to her vocal chords. Thanks in advance for your insight and keep up the awesome resource of lessons you share freely. Great stuff to know!

  4. Hi Ken! I just discovered your videos yesterday and I am loving them! I am a professional singer/musician and while I've improved by leaps and bounds over the years, I feel like it's time for me to go to the next level with some real training. Your teaching is the ticket! I will definitely be looking into your materials. Thank you!

  5. I used to be a professional singer but struggled with anxiety problems. After a few years my voice started cracking, usually when trying to bring back my vibrato (which disappeared after I grew more tense and stressed)
    Many years later I decided to quit singing all together because the mental anguish I feel not being able to control my voice, vibrato and breaking. Something I feel sad about everyday. I just couldn´t stand being on stage feeling like I was "faking" it.

  6. Sensational Ken 🙂 . I'm Brazilian and I'm dying for a proper singing style. In my country there are many musica styles and I'm fond of singing them. However, I also like singing folk, rock and reggae music.

  7. serious about to sing billionare by bruno mars at my Freaked out …Itll make me lose my confidence

  8. It's interesting that I started to watch your videos after that somebody posted one with a mmm negative critique. I discovered only good things! You are great!

  9. You have my subscription you are awesome teacher and you show to us all that baritone can sing like tenor if he haves enough training and knowledge.

  10. I have a pretty toned deep voice but I want to sing like Jeff Buckley. Is this hard? I can hit a kind of high note but it won't sound good. ATLEAST I don't think so

  11. Just started, but just realized this would also be good for those who have a tight neck, like me, for not just singing but SPEAKING too. Panicking tightens up the muscles and the nerves 'fray', making them misfire. This should be good thanks!

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