Super Easy Electric Guitar Songs For Beginners

Super Easy Electric Guitar Songs For Beginners

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This video will show you how to play songs by AC/DC, Rage, Black Sabbath, The White Stripes and more!!!

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My proven teaching method that works great for beginners works something like this – finding super easy electric guitar songs for beginners, but putting them in a PROGRESSION.

So for example:

1) Start with bass lines and single note riffs – these are easy and attainable. It gets the fingers moving, and gets you practicing reading tab. Here I’ve included some super easy songs that are perfect for beginners including note for note riffs from Rage Against The Machine songs which are definitely super easy electric guitar songs for beginners – but sound powerful and cool!

2) Move up to power chords – these are 2 note chords that are some very important electric guitar techniques. Electric guitar songs like TNT, I love rock n roll, Iron man and more

3) Once the power chords and single note riffs are getting solid – AND ONLY THEN – You can move up to full chords – I have a bunch of videos on chords too

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  1. This is awesome! Thank you Will for explaining the simple stuff good. I've picked up the guitar a couple times before but got annoyed because I didn't know how things like how to strum good enough with the power chords. The head mount POV go pro camera really helps also. thanks again!

  2. Did some of it, I just need to improve my coordination.

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