Swimming Technique – Pose Swimming Water Polo Position Drills

Swimming Technique - Pose Swimming Water Polo Position Drills

Swimming technique requires consistent work. Efficient swimming doesn’t happen on it’s own, just ask Michael Phelps who spends hours and hours perfecting his already virtually perfect swimming technique.
This week we continue the “Pose Swimming Drills” series. We’ve been receiving requests to demonstrate what the “Pose Water Polo” position looks like when it’s executed in the water. Elite Mexican Triathlete Arturo Garza demonstrates the Pose Water Polo position during a swimming training session. The underlying theme is to quickly change support while maintaining a relatively even position in the water. This drill effectively highlights any inconsistencies in your stroke and forces you to adapt to a quicker swimming cadence. If you have any follow up questions, please refer them to our forums on forums.posetech.com


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    Hello, welcome to another edition of Video Wednesdays.
    안녕하세요. 비디오 수요일을 시작하겠습니다.

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    Today elite Mexican Triathlete Arturo Garza will demonstrate the water polo drill.
    오늘은 멕시코의 특급 삼종경기 선수인 Arturo Garza의 수구 훈련 시범을 보시겠습니다.

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    As you can see, the objective is to stay high up on the water and to quickly change support from one hand to the next.
    보시다시피, 수면 위로 높게 유지하고 지지하는 손을 한 손에서 다른 손으로 재빨리 교대하는 것이 목적입니다.

    00:00:14,700 –> 00:00:17,280
    Let's take a closer look in slow motion.
    슬로우모션으로 자세히 살펴보실까요.

    00:00:18,360 –> 00:00:22,520
    The water polo position is used in many POSE swimming drills.
    POSE 수영 드릴에서는 수구 자세를 많이 볼 수 있습니다.

    00:00:22,800 –> 00:00:29,240
    And it clearly demonstrates the 180 degree parallel to a cycle.
    확실히 양 팔의 회전이 180도 차이를 두고 똑같습니다.

    00:00:30,960 –> 00:00:37,540
    As you can see, when the entry hand enters the water, the opposite hand is exiting the water in parallel.
    보시다시피, 입수하는 손이 물에 들어가는 순간, 반대쪽 손이 물 밖으로 나오고 있습니다.

    00:00:38,100 –> 00:00:43,320
    Once the entered hand becomes the moving support, it allows the opposite hand to exit the water,
    입수한 손에 기대어 지지하게 되면서, 반대편 손이 출수할 수 있게 되고,

    00:00:43,480 –> 00:00:47,780
    and make its way over the new point of support and reenter the water.
    나온 손은 새로운 지지점을 넘어 앞으로 간 후에 다시 입수하게 됩니다.

    00:00:47,920 –> 00:00:51,580
    The significance of the water polo position in swimming drills,
    수영 훈련에 있어 수구 자세(헤드업 자유형)의 중요성은,

    00:00:51,580 –> 00:00:56,060
    is that it forces the swimmer to quickly and evenly change support in the water,
    이 자세를 취함으로써 수영선수는 빨리 그리고 양쪽 다 똑 같이 물 속에서의 지지점(손)을 교대해야만 한다는 것입니다,

    00:00:56,180 –> 00:01:00,180
    in order to maintain an elevated position out of the water.
     물 밖으로 높은 자세를 유지하기 위해서는.

    00:01:00,180 –> 00:01:04,020
    This drill really highlights problem areas in your stroke,
    이 훈련은 스트로크에 있어서 문제가 되는 부분을 실질적으로 부각시키고,

    00:01:04,020 –> 00:01:08,480
    and provides you with a standard technique to maintain while in the pool
    물 속에 있는 동안  계속 떠 있을 수 있는 기술을 익히게 합니다.

    00:01:09,240 –> 00:01:14,439
    The waterpolo position forces you to have quick even strokes.
    수구 자세를 유지하기 위해서는, 빠르면서도 균형잡힌 스트로크를 해야만 합니다.

    00:01:14,500 –> 00:01:18,060
    It does not allow you to glide in the water at all.
    글라이드는 절대로 해서는 안됩니다.

    00:01:18,300 –> 00:01:27,320
    And if you notice that if you're performing the drill and you have excessive up and down vertical oscillation of your head, you're doing it incorrectly.
    이 드릴을 하는 동안, 머리가 심하게 아래 위로 흔들리는 것을 느낀다면, 잘못된 훈련을 하고 있는 것입니다.

    00:01:28,380 –> 00:01:32,600
    Your hands must enter and exit the water very evenly and very quickly.
    양손은 매우 똑같이 그리고 빠르게 입수하고 출수해야 합니다.

    00:01:32,660 –> 00:01:39,840
    If there's any misalignment of your stroke, it will be readily apparent very quickly.
    스트로크에 흐트러진 것이 하나라도 있다면, 아주 빨리 명백히 드러날 것입니다.

    00:01:40,120 –> 00:01:47,100
    Now let's take a look at the stroke again in regular motion once we rewind.
    이제, 영상을 되돌린 후에, 정상 속도로 스트로크를 살펴보겠습니다.

    00:01:47,460 –> 00:01:54,120
    Notice the fluidity and evenness of the stroke and the heads position above the water.
    물이 흐르듯 유연하면서도 양쪽이 균일한 스트로크와, 수면 위로 올라와 있는 머리 위치를 확인하십시요.

    00:01:56,580 –> 00:02:03,660
    Again, once you reach the wall, turnaround and swim freestyle back.
    다시 말쯤드리지만, 벽에 도달한 후에는, 자유형으로 돌아 오십시요.

    00:02:04,420 –> 00:02:10,660
    While freestyling back, focus on the quick-change of support that you just experienced with the water polo drill.
    자유형으로 돌아올 때에는, 방금 전 수구 드릴에서 느꼈던 "지지(support)의 빠른 전환"에 집중하십시요.

    00:02:11,140 –> 00:02:14,940
    We hope you've enjoyed today's drill and we hope to see you next time.
    오늘의 드릴을 즐기셨기를 그리고 다음 시간에 뵙기를 바랍니다.

    00:02:14,940 –> 00:02:16,260
    Thanks for watching.
    시청하여 주셔서 감사합니다.

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