Table Tennis : How to Play Table Tennis, Including Strokes

Table Tennis : How to Play Table Tennis, Including Strokes

Playing table tennis involves an athletic position and good coordination. Find out the basics in this free video presented by a ping pong expert.

Expert: Elie Zainabudinova
Bio: Elie Zainabudinova has been playing table tennis since she was 8 years old.
Filmmaker: Rob Hashemi

Series Description: Ping pong is a simple sport to play and a difficult sport to master. Improve your ping pong skills with the help of a ping pong expert in this free video series.


  1. You are gorgeous ,especially your smile is amazing ,Thanx for the lesson ,I love table tennis ,I use Timo ball spirit blade,Tenergy 64 FH,and the new stiga airoc M for FH.

  2. Scoring goes to 21.

    And there are "neighborhood rules", which are whatever rules you come up with.

    I invented a rule that 20-20 is a draw. I modeled that after chess with often ends in a draw and boxing's limited rounds. Win by 2 can theoretically go on forever.

    I actually invented that rule playing tennis, not ping pong. The game was supposed to go to 21, I count like ping-pong, but the final score was 37-35. It nearly killed us. From then on, I made up the rule 20-20 is a draw, no overtime.

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