Tennis Lessons : Rules & Regulations of Tennis

Tennis Lessons : Rules & Regulations of Tennis

Tennis rules and regulations revolve around acquiring the proper equipment, playing on a regulation-size court and following the guidelines within the markers on the court. Find out how to correctly play the game with helpful advice from a USTPA-certified professional in this free video on the game of tennis.

Expert: Rob Fair
Bio: Rob Fair is a United States Professional Tennis Association (USPTA) professional. He played tennis for the University of North Florida and the University of West Florida.
Filmmaker: Ryan O’Keeley


  1. if I may –> my opponent serving at 5-6 30-40 (set point).  He serves, I hit a short return, he runs in, hits the ball and as he is hitting he begins to tumble and rolls into the net.  I could not return his shot.  He proceeds to go back to serve at deuce and I say "hold on, you rolled into the net…i.e you touched the net…"    Before I finish the story, technically my point or not?   Thank you.  Mark

  2. Well, I force people to buy my tennis gear and I'm a man.

    So I have a tennis racket and balls.  Guess I'm set to go.

  3. Didn't explain what lines are in and out for serves and regular play, didn't explain how to keep score in individual games (Love, 15, 30, 40), didn't explain shot selection (forehand, backhand, volley, overhead, serve), didn't explain what side to serve on, didn't explain to switch sides on odd games, didn't explain where to stand for singles and doubles or where to hit the ball. This video sucks

  4. Hey thoses shoes have black soles! That would leave a mark on those white lines (or indoor courts)! But nice of you to explain footfault and let rules 🙂

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