The Basics Of How To Plan A Wilderness Trip

The Basics Of How To Plan A Wilderness Trip

This is my advice on how to plan a wilderness trip of any sort, whether it be a weekend away in England or several weeks away in the Boreal Forrest!

Here is Paul Kirtley’s Blog post that I mentioned in the video:

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  1. Hi there, I've just stumbled across your channel and there's great advice in this video in particular.

    I'm planning my first wilderness trip, which I'll be setting off on this October, and will be hiking for 6 weeks in Australia's Alps.

    One question though (apologies if you've answered this in another video), is on your trip to Sweden did you have to place any food drops? I'm obviously going to have to do this on my hike, and there's very little information that I've found about prep work/suitable storage and placement, etc.

  2. It's your video, do it the way that feels right. You will leave the best lesson in that action. An old and over-used adage is: "You can't please everyone" and that is infinitely true on U-Tube! 

  3. OK, I watched it again.
    One thing, if you are going to Sweden you should learn more about "Allemansrätten" That means "The right to roam". (Also Norway and Finland) (Being respectful)
    There are official trails you can follow in all counties/states in Sweden (1 I am not sure of)
    Using them will prevent you ending up in an odd place.

    (Don't plan minute by minute, it will ruin it if your schedule is missed)  😉

    A good thing to know is how far you can travel with that weight you are carrying, it helps with the time estimate. (expect delays)

    The tire could have broken of from a landing stage during winter, Ice is powerfull.

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