The Malmaison Château of Empress Josephine Bonaparte

The Malmaison Château of Empress Josephine Bonaparte

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The first Sunday of every month is “heritage day” in France and many places which normally charge admission are free. I am available to plan your travel or business itinerary to France and am based around Paris. Reuil-Malmaison is to the West of Paris and Napléon built his Empress this Empire château. The gardens are lovely and there are usually additional exhibits in the outbuildings. The River Seine is nearby.


  1. @NingasKugon09 petermohlman has some nice videos up you might enjoy. He is teaching himself watercolors. He does a lot of cooking videos and stuff about his surroundings where he lives now. Good to hear from you!

  2. @CuteCatFaith ah, i wished i had d chance to see them…only had a long weekend in Paris [Fri-Mon, then back to London] i only saw 2/3 of the V. palace. No, do not know all that…thanks for d info, by d way love the reading vid. while u were waiting at d md's office. The flowers in d vase and the window view's priceless…i wish i know how 2 paint then it'll be to immortalize it in canvas…thanks 4 sharing.

  3. @NingasKugon09 Palace? What do you mean? This was Josephine's home. Versailles? That is farther to the West. Is that what you are asking? Napléon used many palaces, one also on the West side in Saint Cloud which was destroyed in the second French Revolution or the Third, I forget. You know there were several, right?

  4. oh this is a diff place i thought it was the palace…may i ask how far is this from the V. palace? It's beautiful…

  5. @oldradios2561 Thanks! I haven't been very well again, lately, and it was nice to get out and see this place. I'm not very ambulatory and twisted a knee going down some steps but I kept going, it's not a biggie. Just sitting a lot today, then it's off to business tomorrow in Paris! (I have taken Mondays off for years now. Need them for seeing specialists, often.) I just love YouTube. I have clips up of this place on my other channel here and on Dailymotion, too. xo

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