The Rules of Rugby League – EXPLAINED!

The Rules of Rugby League - EXPLAINED!

Ninh explains the basic rules of Rugby League in this short video tutorial to get you up to speed with the game. Learn about tackles, knock ons, scrums, 40-20 kicks and more!

Video is copyright from the BBC (permission granted).
Music is copyright from Namco (permission granted).
Narrated, Directed and Produced by Ninh Ly

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  1. this is great if might have to show the girlfriend it seeing that she is from the only town in Yorkshire that doesn't have a professional rugby league team hahaha

  2. Hey Ninh, as a fan of selected sports I am well impressed that there is an encyclopaedia on youtube with this type of thing. If only other channels were as professional as yours.

  3. I played rugby in high school back in Zimbabwe. I now see we were playing by rugby union rules. Rugby league is interesting too. I wish they taught us both forms of the game. Thanks for the video

  4. I just started watching Rugby. American football is too boring for me. Not really sure why the Rugby league forms a scrum. They're not competing for the ball like Union does. Must be just tradition.

    Thanks for videos. I have a better understanding now.

  5. This video has helped a lot as I am starting rugby soon in school in PE and I didn't know anything about league but now I can understand. Thanks for the video

  6. +Ninh Ly I love your videos especially The Difference between Rugby Union & Rugby League and The Rules of Australian Rules Football videos, especially the latter, the comment section with the various debates on whether or not Gaelic Football influenced Aussie Rules Football were great. I'm Irish and to be honest I prefer Rugby Union. That's just my own personal opinion on the matter and I'm not knocking Rugby League. I've seen a few matches on Sky Sports anyways I have a quick question for you. Are there any differences between the ball used in Rugby League and the ball used in Rugby Union? sizes, dimensions etc.

  7. Sorry to keep commenting in your stuff mate… But just a note that the 40/20 rule description here implies that you hand the ball over from where you kicked it if you 'get it wrong' – you can get it wrong and kick it straight to the fb or winger, and it's okay on. I guess what I'm trying to say is my specify if it goes out on the full?

    Or is that too detailed for a beginner vid?

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