The Simple Trick To Do More Push-Ups!

The Simple Trick To Do More Push-Ups!

So you want to know how to do many, many push-ups and impress your friends, enemies, loved ones and the rest of the world with your amazing abilitities?

In this video I’m going to let you in on the secret on how to do tons of push-ups. But I’ll also show why that many push-ups won’t make you bigger or stronger!

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  1. I'm 17 and I can do 15 in one set. My all time record is only twenty. Is this bad & how many should I be doing at 17 in one set 

  2. i'll try 3 sets; 3 times per week with one minute between sets. I'll go for momentarily muscular failure (mmf) and will let you know next month (February) if it works for me. Chat you then .God bless….john.

  3. i have a question , i am having problems with early morning jogging , i need to eat something when i wake up , and when i eat even a piece of bread with some fruit jam , then my stomach starts disrupting my running . any useful tips on what to eat and when before morning run ?  

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