Tips on Keeping Your Hamsters Nails Trim!

Tips on Keeping Your Hamsters Nails Trim!

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This is a video showing you different tips on keeping your hamsters nails trim. Hope you find this helpful and enjoy 🙂 x


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Filmed with: Canon EOS 600D Camera

Edited with: iMovie



  1. I have tried every thing to try and trim my hamster Bears teeth and nails. When we try to trim her nails she just runs away and I'm scared that I'll hurt her my cutting her when she moves, and she never walks or goes near anything I put in her cage, when I put chews in she just runs away, I think she is scared of them, she is tame so she isn't scared of me. I really need to trip both teeth and nails, as they are growing VERY FAST!!!

  2. Thanks I was scared because one of my hamsters had long nails before I watched this video and I never knew what to do I didn't want to cut his nails myself either but the first one with the rock really helped xxx

  3. Thank you! this was really helpful. My Russian Dwarf (Pixel is his name) Has long nails that are beginning to curl, he is off to the vet for a manicure and I will be putting a rock as you described into his cage.

  4. Grace Dixon – I would suggest using the natural trimming tips I recommend in this video, thats the easiest way and suitable for old or elderly hamsters as well as young, basically all ages of hamster. Or you can trim them yourself so long as you are careful and don't cut the quick. But a lot of hamster owners prefer to trim their nails down with the natural methods. Or you could take your hamster to the vet and get the nails checked and ask the vet to trim them 🙂 

  5. squeek woof – For this video I edited on iMovie 11 on apple laptop. But now I edit on Final Cut Pro X on apple laptop :)

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