To Repair A Laptop Hard Drive….

To Repair A Laptop Hard Drive....

It once was broken, but now it’s working


  1. really im trying to see this video after i saw comments really they hate it .
    video video video what videdo dont u have a minimum 5 mp camera phone ?
    uh my my eyes i cant see or even i cant understand what u doing?
    and ur voice too waste i cant just make another good video with better quality plz

  2. And if everything is working just fine (including the hard drive) but the laptop is still not reading it?
    Keep in mind it was formated. Totally nuked.

  3. your awful photography skills make an otherwise educative video terrible…please use a stationary camera or edit your video…its just terrible

  4. My laptops hard drive is 80GB and is getting slow. IT makes a lot of clicking noise and seems to click when its only on the desktop when nothing is open. Dell Latitude D820 

  5. I have a compaq cq 57-229 wm it will turn on but there is a beeping noise from the laptop so what would I do I'm not very good with computers 

  6. The "T" key puts it into target mode. It essentially turns the mac into an external hard drive to connect and read data from another machine. For an example: If you had two macs and one wouldn't boot, you could put one into target mode and connect it to the other one (via firewire, etc) to pull off pictures or documents immediately without special software or repairs necessarily needed.

  7. If just the arm is faulty, then true, the data still remains on the platters and should be recoverable. If the heads crashed on the platters, then you may have some damaged areas of data. Swapping out the heads is a bit challenging as the error margin goes up greatly. I have one hard drive that needs that, but it's on hold until I discover a safer low cost way to do that. An area where floating dust is minimal is recommended.

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